Best Places to Find and Download Free Images for Websites

Best Places to Find and Download Free Images for Websites

Finally, you can get high-quality photos and use it for your online project. Adding high-quality photos is a great way to improve your article, the overall look of your site, as well as, your presentation, however, you need to be really careful as you can’t download and use just any photo you see online.

Google Images will detect your site and locate just about any photo you have used as let’s face it – you have violated someone’s copyright and now you have to face the consequences. There are search tools such as TinEye and there is a real chance that the original photographer will find out what you have done and you will have to pay a certain fee. And you could pay really expensive fees which can totally destroy your business.

But, you have nothing to worry about as we have the perfect solution for you. You need free images in an online library or stock photos where the original creator or the photographer has already given away the most of his rights. Luckily, there are plenty of online libraries packed with amazing free images which you can use, for different projects or in your social media sites like Instagram or Facebook, and for no cost at all.

In this article, we are going to present you the best places to find and download free images for websites:

  • XCHNG – This is a very popular site that can offer you a library of more than 400.000 photos covering absolutely every topic and it is definitely the best place to start your search for free photos. Before you use a certain photo, make sure to read the license agreement as this site has a more complicated photo license agreement than other websites on this list.
  • Openphoto – This website first appeared back in 1998 which comes as a no surprise that now this website has built up a powerful collection of stock images. They are arranged into well-chosen and carefully selected categories, and clicking any of these categories will lead you to a gallery full of related photos.
  • net – This is a small website, however, it can offer you a huge collection of stock images, clip arts, logo templates, backgrounds, and textures. It is the ideal website, if you are looking for graphics for your site, however, make sure to read the terms and conditions as the photos here are free for personal use only.
  • Unprofound – This website can offer you some great images, with no limitations or restrictions on their use. You don’t have to sign up or register to download photos as this website is non-profit which means you won’t be hassled by the collection of boring and annoying ads.
  • Free Media Goo – You can find the perfect photo you need in just a few minutes, however, please keep in mind that the photos are a relatively low resolution. There are some impressive photos and the best thing is that you don’t need to register – all you need to do is download just anything that appeals.
  • Pixel Perfect Digital – This amazing website can offer you more than 4000 stock websites which are organized in categories from Animals to Abstract, Transportation, Places, and etc. The best part about this website is the collection of illustrations and digital art, as well as, stylish photos that are difficult to find elsewhere.

Check out these amazing places and find the best free images for websites, blogs, and other online projects!

Websites to Download and Use Free Images for Commercial & Personal Use


Finding high-quality and free images for your online projects can be a real pain! So, where to find free images download! Here are 5 great websites to check!

 Having troubles finding the right photos you want to use for your site, blog, presentation, article or any other online project? Well, don’t worry as you are not the only one. Finding free photos for your online projects can be a real pain and you probably know that. Most of the free stock photography websites come with special terms and conditions that don’t simply allow photos to be used for business or commercial projects and they require an attribution or a permission or simply the photos are not good enough (low-quality and low resolution) and you can’t use them for your project.

We have decided to help you out and we have shortlisted 5 different stock photography websites that allow you to download photos under CC0 license or Creative Commons Zero license, meaning they are free for commercial or personal use. You can easily copy, modify, and distribute the photos without asking for a certain permission or provide a direct link to the source. In other words, an attribution is not required, however, it is certainly appreciated in some situations as a thankful gesture.

We have only included websites that can provide you with photos with CC0 or Creative Commons Zero license, a range of photos across different categories, at least 10.000 photos, and a search option. Let’s’ start:

  1. Unsplash – This website can offer you 10 new photos every 10 days. If you want, you can subscribe to their email and they will send you the photos via email. All photos you see on this site are licensed under CC0 Creative Commons Zero, meaning the author has dedicated their creative work to the public domain. You can easily modify, copy, distribute, and use the images for both personal and commercial purposes and without providing attribution or asking for a permission from the photographer.
  2. Little Visuals – This website is pretty similar to Unsplash and offers 7 new photos every 7 days. If you want, you can subscribe to their email list and receive these photos right to your email. All photos published on this website have no copyright laws and they can be used on absolutely any project, regardless of whether it is personal or commercial, without permission from the original photographer.
  3. Pexels – Another amazing website that allows you to find free images for download. Pexels offers at least 30 new photos every week and these photos can be used for any project, personal and commercial. This site has a really nice search feature to help you find exactly what are you looking for.
  4. Life of Pix – All photos you will see on this site have been donated for free to the public domain. In order words, you can do whatever you like with these photos. They are free for personal and commercial use. This site has even free videos that can be used for online projects.
  5. Gratisography – This is a very popular stock photography website where you can find great photos for your website, blog, ecommerce site, and etc. This site adds new photos every week and has similar copyright terms and conditions to all websites included in this post. All photos you see on this website, are free for commercial, as well as, for personal projects and the best part is that they are all free of all copyright restrictions.

Familiar with any of these stock photography websites? What is your experience? Share in the comments below!

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