10 Best Free Online Logo Makers

10 Best Free Online Logo Makers

Whether you are starting a physical or online store, a blog or any venture, you will need a symbol to create a statement about your brand. The importance of an elegant logo cannot be underestimated. Your logo is the first thing a financier, supplier, competitor, and potential client will see, so you will need to make a good, lasting first impression. Again, your logo is what repeat customers will use to identify your products and services. This article will guide you on how best to create your logo and ten of the top online logo makers that you can try.

Characteristics of a good business logo


A good logo should look presentable in any size.


People tend to prefer and recall a logo that is elegant and simple compared to one that is overwhelming with colors, icons, and text.


A great logo should look great on any device and in both color and black-and-white print.


The right logo should correspond to your industry, kind of business and nature of your services. For instance, a playful, colorful logo would suit a baby daycare better than a law firm.


Your logo design should match with your company’s existing color scheme to avoid confusion.

Free online logo makers

You need not worry about forking out thousands of dollars in graphic designer’s fees to get a great logo. If yours is a shoestring budget and you do not have the graphic design skills to build yourself a great logo, here is a list of free logo makers:


Canva is known for being an exceptional tool for social media users; from creating stunning profile pictures and pins for social media enthusiasts. However, in addition to creating images for social networks and fliers, Canva can also be used to make business logos. Canva offers you a wide selection of templates, text, fonts, and colors to suit your specific needs. You can also upload any items that you want to incorporate; alternatively, you can add graphics from the vast collection of free icons Canva offers. You get to use drag-and-drop to create letterheads, business cards, fliers and other items using your logo on Canva. You can also download your logo as a.PNG, JPG or.PDF file.

However, since most people use the free templates, you need to tweak yours a bit more to ensure that your logo remains unique.

Free Logo Design

Free Logo Design is an online tool that you can use to create a logo in minutes. Input your business name and industry then get access to tonnes of free templates. You can further edit your logo’s colors, fonts, and shape on the site to customize it then download it. Free Logo Design allows you to download a higher-definition logo for $59.


Ucraft is a website builder that also has a free logo maker. Just like many other active logo makers, you start by typing in your business name and industry, then using the onboard editor and graphics to customize the logo further. Moreover, Ucraft allows you to download and use a high-resolution.PNG file at no cost.


Shopify is primarily an e-commerce platform that offers a host of impressive services to online store owners. Shopify has a bonus business name, QR code, and logo making tools that are free of charge. You type in your business name, then select and edit the icon that strikes you like the best using different colors and sizes. There are four layouts for your icons and text; choose the one that suits you best, then Shopify will send the logo to your email for download.

Zillion Designs

Among many other services, Zillion Designs offers you a free logo maker. You enter your business name then select the most suitable fonts and colors and add more shapes to make your logo stand out.


SquareSpace is primarily a website builder that offers online store owners a stunning array of features and themes for their storefronts. They also have a free logo design tool with which you can design a minimalist but elegant logo and further customize it with their wide selection of icons. You can download a low-resolution logo for free, but for a high-resolution one, you pay a one-off fee for $10. If you already are a SquareSpace customer, you need not pay the $10 for the HD logo.


Logaster is an excellent option if you want a logo for your blog or website. You can design and view different styles of your choice with the help of a wizard. Logaster allows you to download a smaller version of your logo for free, but for a small fee, you can get the full-sized version.

Design Hill

Design Hill also offers a free logo designer, in addition to other free tools like QR code generators and Facebook and Twitter cover photo makers.

Online logo maker

This online logo generator offers you a wide host of advanced tools for better design. Its editor allows you to not only design a logo but also make business cards by using icons, text and other graphics. You can also resize, reposition and use drag-and-drop to tweak your logo. Online Logo Maker also allows you to upload any graphics you might want to incorporate. For an even sleeker look, Online Logo Makers supports the use of layers to combine your graphics. You can undo or redo your editing steps then save your logos for further editing.

Online Logo Makers enable you to download a small version of your logo for your website, social media, and email signatures, and project emblems, but for a small fee, you can download a higher resolution image for letterheads.


DesignEvo provides you with a user-friendly editor that enables you to create a professional-looking logo in no time. DesignEvo offers you millions of professionally crafted icons, over 6,000 templates and a load of stylish fonts that you can customize for a striking, unique look.


A free logo generator is an excellent way to get your business that professional logo without spending thousands of dollars. However, to get a high-definition logo, you should consider paying the low fees the logo makers charge.



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